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Taiwan LED Factory Target: Reduce Mini/Micro LED Cost


Mini LED and Micro LED are the hottest technical topics in the LED industry in the near future. They are also regarded as a possible new blue ocean in Taiwan. The LED inside research and research assistant Yu Chao said that the Mini LED can make the panel quality. Better, however, the cost has increased. The current development trend is led by the panel factory. The LED factory follows the footsteps. At the beginning, it focuses on high-end products and differentiated markets. How to reduce the cost of Mini LEDs effectively in the future should be the follow-up efforts of the Taiwan factory. direction.

In recent years, the Taiwanese LED factory has encountered fierce competition from the lumber factory in the lighting market, and has actively undergone transformation. Those with higher technical strength have invested in the field of Mini LED and Micro LED. The LED industry pointed out that the current technology development of the land plant is still behind the stage. The factory is about half a year.

Chu Yu believes that Mini LEDs in the backlight field may start from high-end e-sports products, or applications such as automotive panels. In the future, Micro LEDs may start from ultra-large-scale screen applications of over 100 inches.

According to LEDinside estimates, by 2022, the market value of Micro LED and Mini LED will reach 1.38 billion US dollars. At present, Micro LED still faces technical bottlenecks, including epitaxy and chip transfer, full color, power drive, backplane and inspection, and repair technology. In the past, the biggest bottleneck was considered to be transfer technology, but with the various transfer programs coming out, it is expected that there will be more cost-competitive technology solutions in the future.

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