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Recently, Seoul Semiconductor filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Fry’s Electronics, a leading home appliance seller in the United States, in a federal court in the eastern part of Texas. Seoul Semiconductor pointed out that Fry’s Electronics is selling LED TV products allegedly infringing 15 patents related to the core process of manufacturing LED backlights in Seoul Semiconductor.

These patented technologies cover LED backlight systems, LED backlight lenses, UCD technology, LED packages, LED chips, and LED semiconductor layer generation technologies. Widely used in television, mobile phones, notebook computers, tablets and monitors.

In order to prevent the proliferation of patent infringing products, Seoul Semiconductor will conduct a thorough investigation of products of various international brands to confirm whether there is any infringement. If the request for stopping the infringement is raised, If it is still not corrected, it will continue and toughly take the necessary legal measures.

In recent years, patent litigation cases in the LED industry have been frequent, and more and more manufacturers have paid attention to safeguarding rights and interests and enhancing the awareness of patent intellectual property protection. As a semiconductor manufacturer, Seoul Semiconductor also actively launched the LED patent defense war and increased the determination of patent rights.

On March 8, 2018, Seoul Semiconductor and its subsidiary, Seoul Weisuo, sold 3 products suspected of infringing on Acrich technology, which was first developed in the world, and filed 3 cases against US lighting companies and retailers in the US Federal Court. Patent infringement lawsuit.

On February 20, 2018, Seoul Semiconductor Co., Ltd. announced that Seoul had won the lawsuit against the invalidity of the patent filed by the British Patent Court against Everlight Electronics.

On February 2, 2018, Seoul Semiconductor Co., Ltd. in Milan, Italy, initiated a patent infringement lawsuit against the global electronic components distribution business Ze Electronics and its Italian subsidiary for its sales of Everlight LED products.

On April 13, 2017, Seoul Semiconductor filed a lawsuit against the German electronic component distributor Mouser Electronics for infringing its high-power LED-related patents in the Düsseldorf District Court.

Liu Chengmin, deputy director of Seoul Semiconductor's IT business unit, said: "Only when patents are respected, young people and small and medium-sized enterprises can continue to introduce creative products and a fair technical competition culture to take root in the market."

It can be seen that the improvement of the awareness of rights protection of LED enterprises is a good thing for the whole industry. Only when their rights are properly protected can they drive everyone's creative enthusiasm and bring vitality to the future development of this industry.

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