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Magna and Rohinni set up a joint venture to produce ultra-thin MicroLEDs


According to media reports, Magna Electronics and Rohinni of the United States have established a joint venture, Magna Rohinni Automotive, to produce ultra-thin Micro LED lighting solutions.

The joint venture will be controlled by Magna, which combines Magna's strong electronics manufacturing with Rohinni's lighting technology in the mobile industry, which will be based in Holly, Michigan.

Rohinni's thin film Micro and Mini LEDs can be used in almost any application, creating new possibilities for design and product differentiation. In addition, the company has developed a technology to place Micro LEDs on the surface of the substrate to support mass production.

Matthew Gerber, CEO of Rohinni, said, "Magna brings global brand and influence to this partnership, as well as years of automotive market and application experience."

Magna also made a minority stake in Rohinni based on Rohinni's Micro and Mini LED technology in other industries, applications and products.

Magna CTO, Swamy Kotagiri, said, "The joint venture with Rohinni brings unprecedented light and flexible lighting technology."

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