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1300 nm band near-infrared chip


According to foreign media reports, Japan's Dowa Electronics Corporation recently said that it has developed a near-infrared chip in the 1300 nm band. Dowa said the new chip is 3.5 times the size of the previous model and has an output of 6.8 mW. It is said that Dowa has begun to provide samples for the new chip.

It is worth noting that various optical sensors using LEDs have the advantages of small size, power saving, and long life. In addition, near-infrared light in the wavelength range of 800 nm to 2000 nm can be highly permeable to organisms used in optical sensor applications, including analysis of crops and foods, as well as health and medical applications. Dowa expects that this market for near-infrared LEDs will continue to expand in the medical field. For example, near-infrared LEDs can be used to measure blood glucose without the need for a blood sampled sensor.

Dowa claims that its newly developed near-infrared LED chip with a center wavelength of 1300 nm greatly increases the light output to the top surface, which is necessary for sensor applications; at the same time, NIR LEDs are also high Power output.

Dowa plans to further expand these technologies to further produce near-infrared emitters with center wavelengths of 1450 nm and 1650 nm in the future, further complementing its lineup of near-infrared emitters.

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