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The market value of 10 billion lights enterprises ,OUTRACE faces bankruptcy


Recently, the comprehensive media feedback from all parties said that OUTRACE is facing a break in the capital chain. It has been listed as a dishonor by the court, being bargained by employees, bank accounts being frozen, and huge losses in the middle, and the billions of OUTRACE are closing soon. ... What is the reason for the OUTRACE, which is said to be the world's largest LED lamp production base?

More than a month without paying a timely salary to the staff to protect the rights

As early as May of this year, the star company OUTRACE, located in the Gao'an Industrial Park, exposed the problem of wage arrears. By the end of June this year, OUTRACE had been unresolved for the problem of wage arrears, which once triggered the employees to defend their rights.

Following this clue, the reporter contacted a number of Owens informed employees.

"Since March of this year, we have found that wages cannot be paid on time. For this matter, we have repeatedly negotiated with the company, but the company has never come up with practical measures." One interviewed employee said that OUTRACE produced Very busy, companies also arrange to work overtime at night. As of March this year, almost no evening shifts will be arranged.

Due to the fact that the salary has not been paid in time for many months, many frontline employees of OOUTRACE are emotionally unstable. In late June, many eyewitnesses said that many of the first-line employees of Aoqisi had organized a group to defend their rights. The Gaoan City Industrial Park Management Committee and relevant departments also intervened in time to prevent further deterioration. At present, the Gaoan City Industrial Park Management Committee is actively handling this matter.

The employee supplier confirmed that the company’s arrears of payment were in arrears

The green channel for recruitment at the gate of the factory was no longer busy, and several employees were yawning bored.

Recently, the author rushed to OUTRACE, located in Gao'an Industrial Park, and witnessed the above scene. In addition to not arranging personnel management, the recruitment green channel also scattered some previous recruitment forms.

"We have already left, and the factory is not busy. Later, we resigned and did not do it." According to multiple contact methods on the recruitment form, the reporter dialed a number of front-line workers who had worked in Oqis.

For the current situation of OUTRACE, Hong Hua, who is on duty at the Augustes booth, is very helpless. "I didn't expect that the company would have fallen to arrears in less than a year."

At the entrance of Auches, two Guangdong accent suppliers were anxious to inquire about Honghua's latest developments. "So far, OUTRACE has also owed us hundreds of thousands of purchases. This has not happened before." A supplier hopes to settle as soon as possible.

Dozens of storefront gates built around the factory are locked

According to industry insiders, the dozens of storefronts built around the OUTRACE factory area seem to be able to prove the "peaks and valleys" of the OUTRACE business.

The reporter noticed that the southern storefront is still in the state of decoration. In the east, dozens of adjacent storefronts, most of the gates are locked, and the contents are incomprehensible. Even if several restaurants are sticking to it, there are few diners coming in and out.

When the reporter arrived, a shopkeeper greeted him with enthusiasm. When the reporter asked him about the situation of OUTRACE, the owner was obviously depressed. "I really don't understand. OUTRACE is almost a 'roller coaster' this year. one Years ago, I often worked overtime at night. After work, employees often meet and eat and drink. Nowadays, almost no employees come to spend."

One shop owner said that OUTRACE'business is not good and it also affects neighboring stores. Since June this year, a large number of shops have closed.

Multiple accounts of the company are frozen by the bank

It is rumored that OUTRACE was exposed to wages and caused employees to defend their rights because their multiple accounts were frozen. This statement was confirmed by the reporter's announcement in the inquiry of OUTRACE.

In the early years of public media reports, OUTRACE claimed to be the world's largest LED lamp production base, and settled in Jiangxi mainly to achieve capacity expansion.

OUTRACE recently found that some bank accounts could not be paid, and then learned from the relevant banks and learned that some of the company's bank accounts were frozen, and the account bank could be collected after it was frozen, but it could not be paid. As of July 23, 2018, the total amount of freezing was RMB 2,758,800 and USD 472,800.

OUTRACE announced that due to the company's current litigation cases, some of the company's accounts were frozen. As of now, the company has not received the bank and the court's document that the account has been frozen, and the specific reason for the bank account being frozen cannot be confirmed. The freezing of bank accounts has affected production operations and financial conditions. 

It is worth noting that in the frozen accounts of Otis, the account of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of Gao'an Ruizhou Road Branch is only 0 yuan, and its ABC Branch is only only 0.01 US dollars. The account of Gaonan Qiaonan Branch is only 41.27 yuan.

It is worth noting that, according to public media reports, in the first half of the year, Ochs was also recognized by the provincial-level enterprise technology center through the evaluation and evaluation of the Jiangxi Provincial Economic and Information Committee, the Provincial Department of Finance and other relevant departments.

Failure to perform a court decision is classified as a loser

The reporter sorted out the announcement issued by Aoqisi and found that Owens owed 2.228 million yuan to Xiamen Zhenmao Materials. The legal documents in force showed that Otis would pay 700,000 yuan on April 25, 2018, and pay it on May 25, 2018. 700,000 yuan, paying the remaining 828,300 yuan before June 25, 2018, Xiamen Zhen Plastic Materials expressed its consent and waived other claims. However, as of the end of July, O'Neill's announcement showed that Ochs has not fulfilled any repayment obligations. Ochis said that being included in the untrustworthy enforcer will have a negative impact on its ability to continue operations and financial conditions.

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