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Urban night lighting planning and design measures


1. Unified planning and deployment

In the process of starting construction of the night scene lighting project, people only consider urban landmark architectural lighting at the beginning, often according to their own work intentions, thus determining the effect of night scene lighting, investing a lot of labor, materials and funds, but the actual effect received not tall.

With the improvement of the level of science and technology, the continuous development of the night scene lighting project, more and more people have discovered that the night scene lighting project involves many aspects, only the building, roads, trees, parks, squares and other related facilities are unified. The planning and effective combination will be able to present a beautiful picture in front of everyone.

In terms of planning and design, it is mainly to clarify the actual characteristics of the city and the future expansion of the lighting system, and to maintain the advanced nature of the night scene lighting in a certain stage, and ultimately promote the comprehensive development of the night lighting project. Party committees and governments at all levels should attach great importance to the preparation of the special plan for night scene lighting, and clearly define the principles and standards to be followed in terms of lighting level, light color and illumination. In the construction of construction, it is necessary to strictly follow the planning requirements, and the night lighting should be in accordance with the municipal At the same time, the project construction is designed, constructed, and constructed at the same time, and strictly adhered to, and finally achieve long-term management.

2 focus on the city image

Each city has its own unique history of development, which will have a unique image. A good night lighting design can fully demonstrate the city's unique image characteristics. According to the different characteristics of the city, the design of the logo on the night illumination of the city should be designed according to the different conditions of the city, and it can be determined as a tourist city, a cultural center, a political center, etc., and can also be determined according to local characteristics and unique geographical environment.

Different countries and nations have their own cultural connotations. Each city also has its own unique charm. The city night lighting uses a combination of different forms of lighting and beautiful colors to make the city landscape stand out in the night. As an important part of the overall appearance of the city, night lighting should also present its unique characteristics and charm, which also helps to show the city's individuality and influence.

3. Consider safety

The places where the night scene lighting facilities are installed are generally areas where people are more concentrated and the activities of the citizens are more frequent, such as squares and shopping malls. This requires us to fully consider the safety factors in the construction of the night scene lighting.

From the design aspect, it is necessary to consider whether the safety switch can reach the protection value, and in the specific construction process, it is necessary to carry out the normative construction in strict accordance with the requirements of the country and the industry, and to deal with the intensity and time difference of the illumination for the nightscape lighting design of different spatial forms. Adjustments, in order to create a lighting space that is consistent with the use of time, while appropriate intervention and coordination of people's activities, and play a role in the safety of social security at night.

4. People-oriented, energy saving and environmental protection

The concept of “green lighting” has been promoted throughout the country. In the implementation of landscape lighting projects, attention should be paid to selecting a reasonable night lighting method, correct light color and light source and appropriate brightness level of the illuminated surface to minimize light pollution and continuously Promote new technologies, new processes, and promote green, low-carbon, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly ideas.

In the initial design, it is necessary to carry out different modes setting through the intelligent control of the landscape lighting facilities, rationally configure the lighting scheme to achieve different lighting effects, and also effectively save energy and protect the environment. It is also necessary to keep pace with the times, integrate with the development of the city, adapt to the development of the city or the evolution of various spatial forms and functions, and realize the sustainable use of night lights.

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