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Urban night lighting


With the attention of all levels of government, night lighting has achieved unprecedented development in lighting construction enterprises and lighting technology, and gradually formed a unique style of harmonious and bright. The "night economy" is becoming one of the new consumption hotspots of modern cities and one of the important driving forces for the development of urban society, economy and culture. It is also becoming the habits and consumption habits of modern urban residents.

Urban night lighting is to control the lighting and color, to rationally layout it, to use various principles of lighting, dynamic and static effects, angle transformation, to form a variety of lighting shapes, using artistic processing techniques to create distinctive effects in the environmental space. Night lighting is an organic combination of light carriers, light sources and luminaires.

Urban night lighting planning and design, popularly speaking, is the night landscape lighting design scheme, lighting scheme, construction scheme, control system scheme and planning and design of the post-maintenance scheme of urban outdoor activity space or landscape.

The objects of illumination include buildings or structures, plazas, roads and bridges, airports, stations and terminals, places of interest, gardens, rivers, commercial streets and advertising signs, and urban lighting.

The planning of urban night lighting is to use the lighting tools and light sources to shape the landscape of the lighting object, to make it harmonious, beautiful and show the characteristic night city landscape, to show the characteristics of a city or region.

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