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LEDVANCE and Mulinsen accelerate integration


Recently, LEDVANCE announced that it will change its production structure and enhance its competitiveness in the United States and Canada by leveraging the expertise of its parent company, the global solid-state lighting product leader, Mulinsen. “This will help to meet customer needs more effectively and support future growth,” said LEDVANCE.

LEDVANCE said in a statement that it is located in St., Pennsylvania, USA. The Marys plant will be reorganized into an independent manufacturing subsidiary of Mulinsen in the United States. Mulinsen's manufacturing technology will further strengthen St. The strength of the Marys plant, which has been attracting attention after upgrading to producing SYLVANIA LED lamps.

However, the market's demand for traditional lighting products has declined and the rate of decline is still accelerating, resulting in overcapacity at Versailles Glass & Lamp, Kentucky, USA. LEDVANCE said that the production of all bulbs and tubes in the plant will be phased out by the end of September 2019, and the products and components produced by Versailles will be outsourced.

“About 260 employees will be affected by this difficult decision, and we will start working immediately to support them in completing this transition,” the statement said. “This will not affect the Midwest distribution center and R&D labs in Versailles. 100 employees."

Over the past two years, LEDVANCE has continued to develop its manufacturing business, transforming from a manufacturer that produces traditional luminaires to a dynamic, globally active lighting company with the most comprehensive portfolio of LED lighting products, including luminaires.

“For more than a century, the SYLVANIA product brand has consistently represented the quality and reliability of the lighting industry, and this will continue as LEDVANCE enters the next chapter in the US and Canada.”

It is reported that since Lin Jiliang's new LEDVANCE CEO in November, the pace of overseas integration of Mulinsen and LEDVANCE has obviously accelerated. Recently, it has just announced the integration of Mulinsen's overseas lighting brand Forest Lighting into LEDVANCE.

Mu Linsen and LEDVANCE can complement each other in many aspects. I believe that there will be more movements in the next period of time, and future synergies are worth looking forward .

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