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LED "engineering lighting" can improve health and promote food production


It is reported that Sandia National Laboratory researchers said that LED lights are currently "only in the initial stage", saying that LED-based "engineering lighting" can be used as a signal for specific physiological responses of humans and plants, as well as to promote the production of fresh food.

In short, LEDs offer many advantages for health and production, and this has not been discovered before.

Researchers say that the intention to control the time, space, and spectral content of LED luminaires (which they call "engineering light") can trigger a variety of hormonal responses that can help regulate human health and productivity.

Specific LED wavelengths and intensities can also effectively stimulate plant growth, alter plant shape and increase its nutritional value. This will bring new possibilities for indoor planting.

Researcher Jeff Tsao said: "This approach is not to ignore the convergence of LED and Internet of Things (IoT), LED has now integrated with the electronics, sensor and communications industries."

Researchers believe that the ever-expanding use of LEDs will bring greater value to society, far exceeding the energy saved by housing and architectural lighting.

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