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A city in the Netherlands launches "light on demand" street lighting


According to foreign media reports, the city of Helmond, the Netherlands, is the first to introduce sensor-based networked street lighting to provide the right amount of lighting when necessary.

This "light on demand" technology provides residents with adequate levels of light while preventing energy wastage and light pollution.

When a pedestrian, a rider, and a car are detected, the motion detection unit increases the brightness.

This smart lighting system also allows city managers to remotely control public lighting and upgrade to provide an open, flexible and future-proof foundation for the future development and application of smart cities.

Helmond can add new applications in the future, such as sensors that can monitor noise, traffic or weather conditions, and adjust the light accordingly based on the analyzed data.

Alfred Groote, public lighting manager at Helmond, said: “Sustainability is important to us, which is why we are always looking for ways to save energy and reduce CO2 emissions. In addition, what we ultimately want is a fit. Everyone is a livable and safe city. This is why public lighting is so important, because people can enjoy life in the city only when they feel safe and comfortable."

Since its first pilot installation in 2013, the Helmond City Council has promoted the technology throughout the city and combined various types of luminaires.

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