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The main features of Stadium Light?

1. High light intensity requirements

The space height of the stadium is very high, and the larger the stadium is, the higher it is; the light intensity of several million cd (candela: light intensity unit) needs to be emitted by the lamps to meet the requirements of TV broadcast;

2. Accurate light distribution and diverse light distribution

Because Stadium Light needs to be broadcast on TV; it not only needs to meet the requirements of illuminance and uniformity on the horizontal plane, but also to meet the requirements of illuminance and uniformity on the vertical plane, but also control the incident angle of light so as not to give players the position and field of view of the activity. It will cause glare inside, affecting the level of performance, and at the same time, it will not spill over to the auditorium. The beams of multiple lamps should be used to meet and cooperate with each other to achieve the lighting effect, and wide beam lamps should not be used.

3. Anti-glare and anti-overflow structure

Anti-glare is one of the important indicators of sports lighting. In addition to professional light distribution design, the glare control of lamps also needs to add a shading structure to reduce glare and prevent spillage, which should not affect the auditorium.

4. Good color rendering

Color rendering is a measure of color reproduction. It is 100Ra under sunlight. The light is artificial light. The higher the color rendering index, the higher the color reproduction and the more comfortable the light. The light of the lamp should have a very good ability to restore color, and the color rendering index should not be lower than 80. The color rendering index of high-definition TV broadcasts of major international competitions should not be lower than 90Ra; color rendering is not only for videography, but also important for athletes.

5. Angle adjustment device

During the installation of the luminaire, the aiming of the luminaire is the last step to complete the installation. Aiming at the target position of the lighting designer can achieve the design level of illuminance and uniformity. The lamps should have a flexible, accurate and reliable aiming adjustment device.
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