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Features of Fishing Light

Fishing Light means that when fishing at night, in order to see the subtle movements of the float, it is necessary to use a special lamp to illuminate the float to make it visible, so as to accurately determine the fish situation. At this time, the lamp used is the Fishing Light. In short, Fishing Light is the lamp used for drifting during fishing at night.
As a subdivision of traditional lamps and lanterns, Fishing Light is rare in the market, and its technical content is also higher, with respect to R&D technology, material selection, process management, quality control, performance, such as lighting brightness, lighting time, charging time, and service life. There are high requirements in other aspects, and people who like night fishing have relatively high quality requirements, and it is difficult for shoddy products to gain a foothold in the market.

The bleaching effect of Fishing Light mainly depends on the lamp beads. The lamp beads used in Fishing Light on the market can be roughly divided into several types: 1. Traditional halogen lamp beads; 2. Xenon lamp beads; 3. Ordinary LED lamp beads; 4. Special LED lamp beads; these kinds of lamp beads have their own characteristics:
1) The light emitted by the halogen lamp is yellow light, and the light with higher power is more intense. In contrast, the principle of this Fishing Light is the simplest, using high-intensity lights to shine on the fishing float to make it visible. But the shortcomings are also obvious. Because of the obvious heating, the lamp beads are easy to wear out and burn out if they are used for a long time. You must bring a few spares when fishing at night. The brightness of the light is too low and too dim to see clearly, and too bright will hurt the eyes and easily cause interference to others.
2) Most users of xenon lamp beads are personally modified by night fishing enthusiasts, and use large-capacity batteries as power sources. This night fishing lamp has high brightness, long range, long discharge time and long life. The principle of the bleaching is the same as that of the halogen lamp bead, which is made visible by hitting the light directly on the float. This type of Fishing Light is used by many fishermen. The disadvantage is that the lamps are too bulky and the efficiency of the bleaching depends on the intensity of the light.
3) The bleaching method of ordinary LED is the same as that of halogen lamp beads, and the light color is whiter. As a cold light source, LEDs are widely used in various fields and have the advantages of high brightness, low heat, low power consumption, good stability and long life.
4) Professional Fishing Light uses LED lamp beads of special light color, and there are two kinds of blue and purple light on the market. The floating principle of this night fishing lamp is different from the above ones. The special light color can effectively reflect the phosphor at the tail of the fishing float and make it visible during night fishing. This principle makes it possible to effectively judge the status of the fish float during night fishing without the need for too bright lights, and will not frighten the underwater fish schools and affect the effect of night fishing.
Compared with the blue Fishing Light, the purple fishing light has a higher reflection efficiency of fluorescence, but the purple light is the light with the shortest wavelength, the light with the strongest transmittance, and the light that is the most harmful to living organisms. Excessive exposure will have serious consequences for the human body to cancer.

Due to the various deficiencies of the above lights, the blue light with unique advantages has become the most professional choice for Fishing Light. On the one hand, blue light is harmless to the human body and will not have an adverse effect on humans; first, the reflective effect of blue light on the fishing float is second only to purple light, and the reflective effect of blue light on fluorescence is obvious, neither too strong nor The reflections are too weak to meet the requirements to see the float clearly. 

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