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2015 Christmas travelling Story


Reita’s aunnally Christmas travelling started from December 25th.
This time.we choose the place Xun Liao Beach which is about 130km away from Shenzhen. Xun Liao Beach is located in East of Huizhou city. It is famous for stones of differnet shapes, crystal clear sea water, and silver sand.This place is also well known for “Blue Jade”.
Reita people enjoyed the fishing time on the sea, BBQ at the beach,and got good relax from the hot spring.
2015 is coming to the end. A new 2016 is started. Reita people are always love and help each other. We wish all Reita people will have a better 2016. And all Reita people will try best to serve our customers and friends.
Merry Christmas to all friends and customers.

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