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LED opens the door of the world


 In early 2011, the SFT by virtue of a small magnolia bulb swept the entire crystal lamps industry, setting off a burst of light source replacement tide. This trend is not only to enhance the the SFT status as a leading brand in the domestic LED industry, and more to bring development to the entire lighting industry leap.

    High-tech products to win the right to speak of the industry

    In the LED industry, the technical content of the product is the manifestation of the comprehensive strength of a business, the the Magnolia LED light bulb is the history of Ford technical essence of the past two years. Reporters from Shi Jie Department learned, LED Magnolia bulb with light from selection to the structural design and then use the LED industry’s most cutting-edge technology. The magnolia design philosophy, combined with noble dazzling lighting effects, SFT LED Magnolia bulb to create a combination of the first of its kind of the LED light source with art and culture, to achieve aesthetic art LED light source. More prominent is quite obvious SFT LED Magnolia bulb energy efficiency, energy savings of up to 85% and the 5W LED Magnolia bulb can replace 40W incandescent, saving 900 degree lifetime use period, reduce 360 kilograms of carbon dioxide emissions. When compared to incandescent bulbs, SFT LED Magnolia bulb light failure up to 70% of initial brightness, the effective life of up to 25,000 hours, completely ineffective lifespan of 50,000 hours or more, greatly reducing lighting maintenance costs. In terms of daily average use of 8 hours, SFT LED Magnolia bulb for two years, the electricity savings can offset the cost of the initial purchase. SFT LED Magnolia bulb response intelligent trend, by dimming control technology to control the intensity of light, in order to meet the needs of different lighting area lighting users, bring convenience to the user, to enjoy advanced, comfortable, the way of life of low-carbon energy. Shi Jie said, compared with similar LED bulb products, the overall performance of the SFT launched magnolia series LED bulbs rise up to 30% or more, the global leader.

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