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Do not want to replace with LED lighting, the lighting shop will be closed in the UK


According to media reports, the Rackhams department store in Skipton, North Yorkshire, UK, is about to close, and it is dubbed the "Brightest Store in the UK".

In recent years, this store has been criticized by lighting professionals for lighting in the store. Lighting professionals criticized the store for bad photos, damaged aging lamps, bare wires, and chaotic lights.

The store is part of the House of Fraser, a century-old British store. Closure of the store is part of the company’s proposed CVA (Company Voluntary Arrangement) and requires the approval of the creditors. The decision is to be taken on June 22.

Frank Slevin, chairman of Flettas, said: “The retail industry is undergoing fundamental changes, and Fletcher is desperate to adapt to this rapidly changing situation, creating a future for it and making it thrive.”

Some retailers like Rackhams have delayed lighting upgrades to save money, keeping outdated lighting such as traditional fluorescent and halogen lamps, and not investing in energy-efficient LED lighting.

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