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Why the LED street lamp can replace the traditional high pressure sodium lamp?


Recently, there have been reports of Hefei about 170000 street lights which 9390 are using the LED street lamp, the rest are all with high pressure sodium lamp.Compared with LED street light, why the traditional high pressure sodium lamp in the road lighting application is more popular?

As early as in 2012, Hefei choose part of Trunk road and branch, began to trial LED street lamps, treat it as a kind of energy-saving products.Expert introduction, LED street light as the fifth generation of light source, with high efficiency, safety, energy saving, long life, fast response speed, etc.In theory, life can reach fifty thousand hours, and in practice, generally can be 40000 hours.But the two are compared , HPS is much cheaper than LED street light, so only a few areas using the LED street light, because early to buy the LED street lamp might take you more than 2 times money.

This kind of situation also in other cities, so how to improve? Why the LED street lamp can replace the traditional high pressure sodium lamp?

Despite HPS color rendering index is low, but the penetrating power of mist can reach 300-500 meters, so street lamp base with HPS as light source in the past. LED street light itself has the effect of energy saving, the LED street lamp technology and product performance also gradually stability, often show the brightness is enough, such as good uniformity, small glare.Use LED street light to replace HPS to ensure the safety of the driver.

The upfront investment of LED street lamp is more than the investment of HPS, but this is just the surface, we from the point of actual effect, there is no doubt that use LED street light in the later will save a lot of manpower and material resources. Transform a factory of street lamp , used 30 sets of 100 w LED street lamp replace 30 sets of 250 w HPS, only need two months can earn extra costs.

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