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LED helps diagnose cancer


On Monday, the Korea Electronics Technology Research Institute (KERI) stated that Korean scientists have developed a minimally invasive technique that targets tumor cells and uses light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and laparoscopes to diagnose and treat cancer. .

LED helps diagnosis and treatment of cancer South Korea's technology is expected to benefit humanity

Recently, minimally invasive treatment and diagnostic methods, such as photodynamic therapy (PDT) and laparoscopy, have greatly improved the quality of life of patients, and have been rapidly developed.

PDT is a technique that uses a photosensitizer drug to "activate" certain types of light to help promote healing. This technique is more effective because light is only directed at the growth of cancer cells rather than normal cells.

According to officials at the Korea Electronics Technology Research Institute (KERI), the technology developed by Keri uses LED light to detect cancer cells, and it also uses PDT lasers based on laparoscopic techniques to treat cancer.

KERI researcher Bae Su-jin said, "Laparoscopic PDT treatment is the next generation treatment that can have a major impact on the general health care industry."

Currently, the Korea Electronics Technology Research Institute is transferring related technologies to a local company.

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