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3,600 pieces street lamps in Yulin City transformed into LED energy-saving lamps


A few days ago, the reporter learned from the Yulin City Lighting Management Department that the city actively promoted the urban lighting energy-saving work. At present, the first-phase project of energy-saving LED street lamps in urban areas is steadily advancing. The project adopts the contract energy management model (EMC) to carry out energy-saving renovations on old lamps such as high-pressure sodium lamps, metal halide lamps, electrodeless lamps and energy-saving lamps at 1 Ring Road, Renmin Road, Miaoyuan Road and Minzhu Road of Yulin District.

The LED street lamp has the unique advantages of high efficiency, safety, energy saving, environmental protection, long service life, fast response, and high color rendering index. It not only improves the lighting effect, but also saves electricity costs, and plays a very good role in energy saving and emission reduction. According to Li Chunyuan, technical director and safety supervisor of the Yulin City Lighting Management Department, the construction of the project will be completed in April as long as the weather is good and the construction is going well.

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