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U.S. Tax Collection List for Chinese Export Products


On April 3, the United States issued a list of punitive tariffs on imported goods from China, totaling about 1,300 tariff items, and proposed to impose a 25% punitive tariff on Chinese products on the list. Diversification of inventory categories, including LED components.

It is reported that the United States has imposed LED products in the list of tariffs on China, 85414020 (light emitting diodes), 85419000 (diodes, transistors, similar semiconductors, semiconductor devices, photosensitive devices, LED and piezoelectric crystals), 90330020 (with LCD backlighting LED) these three categories.

Due to the relatively low proportion of industry-related export value of related LED components, industry players expect that the incident will have little effect on China's LED industry.

According to Wang Fei, an analyst with LEDInside Consulting, the state-owned product taxation list issued by the United States, several projects involving the LED industry accounted for a very low proportion of the total export value of China's LED industry, only export value of the industry. Within 5%, the proportion of direct exports to the United States is even lower. China's actual export to the United States is a relatively large proportion of downstream applications, such as lighting product categories 94405090, 94051000, etc., but these are not within the scope of the list of restrictions. Therefore, this taxation list has little impact on China's LED industry. For LED downstream applications in the US, it may increase direct procurement costs. Therefore, it is expected that the incident will have little effect on China's LED industry.

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