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Taiwan plant plant will invest 18 million pounds to build a smart farm in the UK


The source of fresh agricultural science and technology is expected to invest 18 million pounds in 2 years to grow vegetables in the UK and build smart farms. Graham Stuart, Minister of Investment of British International Trade Ministry, went to the farm to endorse the book yesterday and announced that Taiwan Handian Foods will invest another 3.5 million pounds to open chain take-out restaurants in the UK.

Graham Stuart and mayor Zheng Wencan of Taoyuan and source freshman chairman Cai Wenqing attended the investment news conference. Cai Wenqing explained the UK investment case. He said that the source assessment of the UK’s high spending power and large consumption means that the British love to eat salad. With Britain as the first stop for overseas investment, we hope that the source of fresh products will one day be the same as Britain’s historical day.

Graham Stuart also visited the fresh farm on the spot to try fresh vegetables. He said that the freshwater 14-prong vertical indoor farming park with 18 million pounds in Yorkshire, England, is at the front end in the agricultural field, especially the vertical farming area is very high. Efficiency, proud of the product without pesticides, metals, E. coli pollution, is an example of future agriculture.

Zheng Wencan said that the source of fresh produce, high yield of vegetables, pesticide-free, potassium carbonate residues, the United Kingdom is a springboard for investment in Europe, the source decided to invest in the United Kingdom to encourage Taiwanese companies choose to invest in the UK, Taoyuan and Greenwich, London, UK negotiate smart city The agreement, with unmanned vehicle technology advanced, hopes to promote more exchanges in the future.

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