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About 50 companies are interested in GE's remaining lighting business


According to sources quoted by foreign media sources, about 50 companies expressed initial interest in the sale of GE Lighting's remaining parts. In the second quarter, GE will meet key and potential customers and plan to accept bids in the third quarter. GE said that the plan will complete the transaction in the fourth quarter.

The remaining businesses will likely be packaged and sold: GE Lighting, Current, and GE acquired Daintree Networks, a new building automation company based in Melbourne. However, the sales table also clarifies the difference between GE Lighting and Current, so GE may also sell these businesses separately.

GE hopes that the price of this merger transaction will be 1 billion US dollars, but there are also hearsays that the price should be between 400 million and 600 million US dollars. Someone said that the company may be worth $1 billion over the past few years, but not today.

In addition, there have been media reports before this, Mullinson and Foshan Lighting have talked about financing for possible asset purchases with the bank, but Mullinson has publicly denied that they are interested. Now, Mullinson already owns 100% of LEDVANCE. Obviously, it is unlikely that one company will have GE lighting and LEDVANCE at the same time.

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