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It is said that OPPLE Lighting intends to acquire Germany's century-old lighting company


Quoting sources reported that Chinese OPPLE Lighting Corporation is considering the acquisition of TRILUX, which has been in Germany for more than a century and may have a valuation of 500 million Euros, but German officials are closely monitoring mergers and acquisitions from China.

According to sources, Op Lighting, with Shanghai as its headquarters and a market value of approximately US$4.6 billion, is consulting with consultants on the possibility of acquiring TRILUX, and has already negotiated with TRILUX.

It is reported that TRILUX was founded in 1912, specializing in the production of indoor and outdoor lighting equipment, under the brand of marketing and display space lighting Oktalite and weatherproof lighting equipment brand Zalux. According to TRILUX's official website, the company employs approximately 5,200 people worldwide and generated revenue of approximately 615 million euros in 2016.

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