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Osram Acquires Fluence Bioengineering, Will Be Ranked among Plant Lighting Leaders


The development of smart planting lighting technology is constantly exploring the potential of greenhouses and vertical planting systems, enabling the use of smart lighting, sensing systems and artificial intelligence to meet the growing population and ongoing urbanization process for fresh foods. demand.

In this trend, OSRAM acquired Fluence Bioengineering, integrating smart lighting, sensors and intelligent software, and is committed to becoming a leader in digital plant lighting solutions.

Fluence Corporation specializes in the production of LED plant lighting systems based on Osram LED chips, and has a wide range of applications in areas such as vertical agriculture in urban areas. Potentially applicable crop types include vegetables, herbs and medicinal plants.

Fluence's smart agricultural software can be integrated into OSRAM's Lightelligence platform for the IoT, which brings the digital level of lighting control to a new level. By integrating and analyzing sensor data, Lightelligence significantly advances automation and smart applications beyond lighting.

In the past few years, Osram has increased its investment in the field of plant lighting. The company developed special lighting fixtures and customized light source recipes according to different plant types. In 2017, Osram invested in Agrilution, a start-up company in Munich. The company developed a planting box with LED lighting for home use.

After being acquired, Fluence Bioengineering will be integrated into the specialty and industrial lighting applications division of Osram's Special Lighting Division. Nick Klase, Fluence's CEO, said, "We are very excited to partner with OSRAM to expand our global business and promote our digital product portfolio. Our new and existing customers will therefore cooperate with OSRAM in this light. And sensors have a lot to gain."

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