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Audi cooperates with Hella to achieve mass production of LED lens modules


It was learned from foreign media that Audi cooperated with Hella and launched several front lighting products to provide more accurate and dynamic lighting services and enhance the driver’s vision. The two sides provided a high-performance LED module for the new Audi A8, which achieved mass production for the first time.

The low-beam headlights of the new Audi A8 headlight are equipped with a compact LED lens module. Its special features include: The module consists of glass and integral primary and secondary optics to minimize the scattering Scatter loss.

In order to realize its low beam function, a total of three modules are required to cooperate. The efficiency of the two modules in front of the vehicle is up to 70%. This energy efficiency refers to the relationship between the available luminous flux of LEDs and the luminous flux for low beam distribution.

In order to realize the high beam function, the headlight engineers developed the matrix headlamp technology. They have increased the number and performance of individually controllable LEDs and redesigned their matrix layout. The 32LEDs are suitable for joint modules and are arranged in two rows. LED control is based on the data provided by the front camera.

Thanks to the HD Matrix LED headlights and the new LED modules, the curve lighting becomes more active and precise. In the low beam mode, the lens module optical concept product ensures that each LED can correspond to a specific location on the road. When the vehicle is driving on a curve, the associated light focus also changes. When the high-beam light is turned on, the high-beam LED of the HD Matrix LED headlight can switch the direction of focus of the vehicle light as the vehicle advances in the curve. When the speed reaches 70 km/h, the dynamic high-energy laser beam can be turned on automatically. The laser module will project the beam, which can be hundreds of meters away. The lights can adjust the light focus as the vehicle travels in a curve. When the on-board camera recognizes other vehicles within the front detection range, the laser spot can be automatically dimmed. The technology will provide the driver with the best road sightlines and will not cause the driver of the oncoming vehicle to dazzle.

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