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The LED lighting market rapidly expands. Products tend to be personalized and intelligent.


According to the "LED lighting industry market forward-looking and investment strategic planning analysis report" released by the Industry Research Institute of Forward-looking Industry, the size of China's LED lighting industry has expanded by more than 255 billion yuan from 7.8 billion yuan, and the CAGR in 2009-17 is as high as 54.62%. The rapid expansion of the general lighting market is mainly due to the expansion of the general lighting industry and the improvement of the penetration rate of LED lighting. The penetration rate of LED lighting increased from 0.6% in 2010 to 42% in 2016. We believe that with the support of LED lamps and the improvement of energy-saving requirements, the substitution effect of LED on traditional light sources is expected to continue to be released, LED penetration rate will continue to increase, and the LED general lighting industry will continue to maintain rapid growth.

Combined with modern technologies such as current sensing, wireless communication data transmission, spread spectrum power carrier communication technology, cloud computing, and energy-saving electrical control, based on the controllability of LEDs, a distributed wireless telemetering, remote control, and jog control system can be formed. LED Intelligent lighting can adjust the light intensity, realize the soft start of the light, and have the functions of scene setting, timing control, etc., thus being more intelligent, safe, energy-saving, efficient and comfortable.

In the LED intelligent lighting system, the LED drive is a device that converts an AC power source (or a DC power source) into a cross current power source, and is a key component for realizing intelligent lighting. At present, the system controller that controls the power supply by the centralized controller through the bus (or wireless communication, power carrier) and constitutes the LED intelligent lighting control and drive system is the future development direction of the LED high-end lighting market.

The demand of the LED lighting market is continuously expanding, and the requirements for products are constantly being upgraded. Personalized and special demands are constantly emerging. LED lighting products tend to develop in the direction of personalization and intelligence to meet consumer demand for dimming, color matching, remote control, and interactive lighting. In the process of intelligent lighting products, lighting technology and intelligent hardware, Internet, and Internet of Things technologies realize cross-border integration and become an important component of smart homes, smart buildings, and smart cities, and can provide data support for large and complex city management. .

In addition, the LED lamp replacement cycle is about five years. In 2012, China officially began to implement the policy of disabling incandescent lamps. The LED lighting market is rapidly expanding. In 2018, it is the first update cycle. It is expected that the replacement of lighting fixtures in the future will release Market space.

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