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LG Introduces Transparent LED Display


Due to many physical characteristics and self-luminous properties, OLED TVs have already demonstrated the ability to surpass mainstream LCDs and become the loudest secondary display technology. For example, before the LGDisplay and SamsungDisplay have demonstrated transparent OLED panel, it is a bright spot. However, LG has introduced transparent color LED thin-film displays for the first time in the United States, proving that OLED technology is not the only choice for the future.

This transparent color LED display delivers dramatic digital content and information. This color LED film can provide more than 1000 nits of brightness. High brightness means high power consumption. Each 2*2 panel consumes about 150W of power.

For this 24mm pixel pitch film, each 668*480mm panel has 560 LED pixels. LG said that even when the display is on, it can provide a high transparency ratio. Although this is strictly true, each pixel will obstruct the view to some extent. When turned on, light from each pixel further blocks the view window, which is suitable for large windows in the room.

High brightness and high transparency offer many design possibilities. To get the best image and information effects, it is best to watch at a certain distance. It can be displayed on glass up to 100 meters.

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