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OSRAM launches XLS standardized LED light source


According to media reports, Osram, Germany, has introduced a standardized LED light source, the XLS (eXchangable LED Signal), for automotive signal applications. OSRAM said that the combination of standard light sources and LED technology will completely change the automotive signal lamp industry. Osram said that its launch of the LY5 and LW5 yellow and white series means that users (Tier1 / OEMs) can for the first time be equipped with standardized, replaceable LED signal sources in all vehicle signal applications.

Hans-Joachim Schwabe, Chief Executive Officer of OSRAM Specialized Lighting, stated: “This is the first time that all important vehicle signal applications have been achieved through a unified platform with four different light sources. This approach enables simple replacement, reducing the complexity and overall complexity of automotive manufacturers. Cost and faster development process." Osram revealed that this LED signal is scheduled to be available in the fall of 2018.

In the past few years, vehicle LED technology has brought many benefits to the design and improved energy efficiency. But the result is that the industry has created a series of confusing vehicle solutions. In order to solve this problem, OSRAM developed a standardized LED light source for signal lamp applications. Osram stated that with the XLS product line, Osram's portfolio of signal lights offers all the innovative advantages of LED technology while providing the tangible benefits of traditional lighting, such as standardization and replaceability.

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