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Natural Light Elf New Desk Lamp Solve eye problems


In June, Asia Consumer Electronics Show kicked off in Shanghai. Darren launched a new generation of products - Natural Light Elves.

No blue light hazard, no flicker, high color rendering

Studies have found that indicators such as blue light, strobe light, etc. directly affect whether the eye is nearsighted. Blu-ray is dangerous to the human eye, because the pupil can not filter blue light, so all the harmful blue light in the environment will reach the macular area of the eye, causing long-term vision loss, even the damage of the visual cells of the macular lesion; The slower the flash, the greater the change in brightness, the more likely it is to affect the human eye.

Darren's R&D team has the following advantages in order to make light sources closer to natural light and avoid visual fatigue.

1. The lens is coated with nano-materials minus blue light. The minus-blue lens was certified by TUV Bio-safety Germany and evaluated as “RG0” exempted grade, indicating that there is no blue light damage to the retina of the human eye.

2. Scientifically designed to reduce glare. Digital drive circuits and Korean SAMYOUNG capacitors are used to ensure that the lamps do not flicker and give better protection to the eyes.

3, in terms of color, the use of natural light elves imported Samsung brand wick, color rendering index of 97, close to the value of 100, excellent color rendering.

4, 4000K color temperature, eye protection natural light, and natural light fitting degree of up to 95%, abandon the traditional eye lamp low color high blue light characteristics, so that natural light elves emit light sources closer to the morning of 8 or 9 o'clock the sun.

5, through the microprocessor control, switch lights or dimming are soft and comfortable, give the eyes plenty of time to adapt.

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