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The 50 billion U.S. tariff list, what impact will Chinese LED industry have?


On June 15, US time, the U.S. Trade Representative’s Office announced that it will impose a tariff of 25% on imports of goods worth about US$50 billion from China. The White House said that it does not rule out the follow-up of embargo measures.

In response to the U.S. trade policy, China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that it will immediately introduce taxation measures of the same scale and the same intensity, and all the economic and trade achievements previously negotiated by the two parties will fail at the same time. Trump then issued a statement saying that it had instructed the U.S. Trade Representative Office to impose an additional 10% tariff on Chinese goods worth 200 billion U.S. dollars imported from China. If China fights back, it will impose tariffs on another 200 billion U.S. dollars.

In addition, the United States plans to implement specific investment restrictions on June 30 and strengthen export controls for Chinese individuals and businesses related to high-tech mergers and acquisitions.

Judging from this time's taxation list, the products levied punitive tariffs mainly involve industrial machinery, aerospace industry components and communication technologies, etc., in particular avoiding the mass purchases of products such as smart phones, toys and clothing by the American masses. . In addition, televisions and drugs are also removed from the original taxation list.

It is understood that as early as April of this year, the U.S. government submitted a taxation list. At that time, 1,333 products were included in the taxation list. After soliciting public feedback, 515 kinds of Chinese products were removed from the list, but 284 new products were added. According to the latest plan announced by the White House, starting from July 6, the United States will initially impose tariffs on 818 kinds of products retained in the initial taxation list, with a total value of US$34 billion.

In the earlier taxation list, LEDs, PCBs, passive components, discrete devices, and semiconductor devices are included in the taxation list. Through exchanges with related companies, we learned that the US tax collection has little impact on related industries.

First of all, for the LED industry, this tariff list mainly affects the upstream chip and backlight of the LED. The domestic LED chip manufacturers do not export much to the United States.

In the LED industry chain, the larger amount of export to the United States is actually the downstream application products, such as lighting products 94540090, 94051000, display category 85312000, etc., but the above items are not included in this list of tax increases.

Second, the PCB industry. Gaogong LED understands that the tax increase in the PCB field is mainly directed to the TV's PCB and production equipment. However, for domestic PCB manufacturers, the proportion of products directly exported to the United States is relatively low, such as Shenghong Technology's income from the United States is less than 1%. It can be seen that this list of the United States has little effect on the Chinese PCB industry.

In addition, it is the resistor and capacitor industry. A number of tariff lists involve capacitors and resistors in passive components. However, the proportion of resistance capacitors directly exported to most of the resistor and capacitor manufacturers in the United States is relatively small, and the impact is limited.

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