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Intelligent LED Plant Factory Helps Agricultural Development in Xinjiang


Last year, the first intelligent LED plant plant in Xinjiang was put into production. In this high-tech agricultural base located in the third team of Xinlian Village in the Qingtag Lake Township of Wushi City, only one LED glass plant covering nearly 1 mu can be used every day. Yield 200 kg of green leafy vegetables. It can be said that the output value of 1 mu of land is equivalent to the value of the traditional planting of nearly 40 mu of land.

In the area of facility agriculture, this is the first time that Xinjiang has achieved continuous and efficient agricultural production throughout the year through LED photovoltaic agricultural facilities and advanced hydroponic cultivation technology. At present, disposable ready-to-eat vegetables produced by this plant factory have been supplied in the fresh areas of some of the capital's supermarkets.

  Facility agriculture can use plant factories to provide a place that is not subject to external climatic conditions and can engage in full-time agricultural production. In Xinjiang, seven to eight months of a year are not suitable for plant growth because of the cold weather and insufficient light. The most important factor in establishing a plant factory is LED lighting. The advantage of Xinjiang is that it has sufficient electric power resources and reasonable prices, which can enable plant factories to provide vegetables with good quality and reasonable prices.

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