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"Chinese Path" for special LED light sources: from slow development to major breakthrough


As a strategic emerging industry in China, semiconductor lighting is of great significance to energy conservation and environmental protection. China is a global producer, use and exporter of semiconductor lighting products. However, in the field of special LED light sources, the market has been monopolized by foreign companies due to the high technical threshold.

Recently, the team of Xia Dazhao, a researcher of the Light Health Center of the Suzhou Medical Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the Suzhou Branch Medical Science and Technology Shikai Semiconductor Co., Ltd. jointly announced the "Technology Invention Award for Ultra High Power, High Optical Density and Multispectral Special LED Light Source Technology and Application". First prize.

Focus on high-end market for LED applications

Due to the huge market potential, LED-related industrial applications are rapidly expanding from general lighting to almost all areas. Different from general lighting, lighting applications in some special fields have also received more and more attention, and the market prospects are increasingly optimistic, and these applications rely on special LED light sources.

Xiong Dazhao said that special LED light sources are a kind of LED light source that pursues more light energy in a small light-emitting area. It requires a single module to have high electric power and power density, and the intensity is similar to that of laser. The special LED light source technology started in 2000 and started very slowly. Domestic companies have almost no production. In foreign countries, only two high-tech starting companies, Osram and Longmings, can provide them.

The reason is that there was a lack of large-sized vertical structure LED chips in China at the time. At the same time, special packaging technology, heat dissipation technology, optical design and integration technology were not enough.

Since 2009, in order to break through the monopoly of foreign manufacturers in this field, Xiong Dazhao led the team with the support of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Jiangsu Province, Suzhou City and High-tech Zone, focusing on the development and industrialization of special LED light sources, in the ultra-high power LED light source. R & D, design and manufacturing technology focused on research and development, and made new breakthroughs.

The research team has established technical advantages and cooperated with Suzhou Science and Technology Shikai Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd. to carry out industrialization work and provide solutions for ultra-bright high-density LED chip light sources.

Xiong Dazhao said: "The special LED technology we developed, focusing on the high-end and special markets of LED applications, using different technical routes, has produced a series of original technologies and core patents, breaking the monopoly of foreign products and helping China in emerging segments. Leading the field abroad and enhancing the core competitiveness of the manufacturing industry."

Unique LED chip light source technology

Under the efforts of R&D personnel, the research team broke through various obstacles and finally formed a technical route with independent intellectual property rights.

Xiong Dazhao said: "For special LED light sources, we need a large, based on the vertical structure of the chip's light-emitting surface. We have developed a 'quasi-single chip' package technology, using a special process, using a small-sized vertical structure chip to ultra-tightly package into a high power. Module."

This technology not only produces high light output on the same light-emitting surface, but also allows flexible use of small chips to increase the light-emitting area and thus increase the total light output.

"The maximum electric power of the United States Rammings single module is less than 150W, and our single module electric power can reach more than 600W. The foreign company is based on a single large chip technology light source, the light emitting surface is generally rectangular, and our chip, light The surface can be flexibly configured to match any particular optical system to any shape," said Xiong Dawei. At present, products based on ultra-high optical density integrated package module technology have become the mainstream in the market.

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