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Taipei City High Pressure Sodium Lamp Completed Replacement in Season 3


It is reported that the Taipei Yellow High Pressure Sodium Lamp Replacement Plan will be completed in the third quarter of 2018. By then, Taipei will become the world's first green city with roads, parks and roadways replaced by high-energy LED lighting equipment.

In order to comply with the trend of energy saving, environmental protection and carbon reduction, the Taipei Municipal Government has used the energy-saving product solutions developed by various industries to replace more than 160,000 street lamps in the city. The standard luminous efficiency is 120 lm/W, which is 20% higher than the previous luminous efficiency. That is to save 20% of electricity consumption under the same lighting.

Previously, the annual electricity cost of street lighting in Taipei City was about 300 million yuan. After replacing LEDs, the electricity bill has dropped to 170 million last year. After fully replacing this year with smart street lights, it is expected to save another 30 million yuan and save more in the future.

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