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New materials make LED lights use for "45 years"


An LED light is not bad for 45 years, do you believe it? It sounds like a fantasy, but it is now becoming a reality.

Shandong Tianyue Crystal Materials Co., Ltd. has achieved this technological breakthrough. They have developed a silicon carbide crystal material that can be used for LED lamps with a service life of more than 130,000 hours. The hourly calculation can be used for 45 years.

The researchers said that the life of the LED lamp is the key to the materials used. Currently, the LED lamps on the market are generally marked with "more than 50,000 hours" in the instructions for use. From this point of view, more than 130,000 hours. It is a very long service life.

It is estimated that if all the incandescent lamps are replaced by silicon carbide LED lamps or partially replaced by fluorescent lamps, it is estimated that one-third of the lighting power can be saved in one year, that is, 100 billion kWh, which is equivalent to the annual power generation of the Three Gorges Hydropower Station.

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