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To improve visibility Belgium will be retrofitted with blue and white LED lights


In order to improve visibility and ensure road safety, the Flanders Expressway in Belgium will be transformed into a blue-and-white LED street in the next few years.

According to the Science and Technology Group of the European Union and Belgium Representative Office, the Flemish District Government of Belgium recently announced that in the next few years, the orange sodium lamp on the highway will be completely changed to blue and white LED lights, which will lead to better roads. Visibility and improve transportation safety.

The Flemish district government said that the comprehensive update plan for highway lighting is expected to take about four years, and the overall cost is about 16 million to 20 million euros. After switching to LED lighting, it is expected to save 4 million euros in electricity bills and 40 tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year.

The Ministry of Transport and Public Works of the Flanders District Government believes that this plan can be fully restored after six years.

In the future, the atmosphere of the roads in Belgium will change greatly at night, and the warm hues radiated from the orange lights will be converted into cool blue and white.

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