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Advantages of Micro LED technology


Micro LED is a new generation of display technology, which is actually the LED screen panel that we often see on the day, namely LED miniaturization and matrix technology.

The high-density, small-size LED array integrated on one chip, like the LED display, can be addressed and individually driven to illuminate, which reduces the pixel distance from millimeters to micrometers.

In general, the total surface is less than 2500mm? The LED chip is a 50mm x 50mm square or a circular chip with a diameter of 55mm.

Since 2016, Apple announced that it will be possible to adopt Micro LED technology, and this technology is also well known. The advantages of the Micro LED compared to the existing OLED technology are particularly obvious.

First, its micron-level pixel pitch allows each pixel to be individually controlled and driven, so that resolution, brightness, contrast, and power consumption are no less than OLEDs.

Especially in the service life, because it is made of inorganic materials, the life and stability are much stronger than the organic molecules of the OLED screen, and the burn-in aging phenomenon that is easy to appear on the OLED screen is much less.

In addition, the Micro LED has a very big advantage, that is, the resolution is extremely high, which is also due to the use of micron-level pixel pitch, because of the small size, so the analytical strength is particularly high.

It is reported that the iPhone 6s using Retina display is 400PPI, but if it uses Micro LED display, it can easily reach 1500PPI.

Like OLEDs, Micro LEDs are also self-illuminating, which greatly reduces power consumption. Color is easier to debug accurately than OLED.

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