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LED industry new trends in the future


In the twinkling of an eye, most of the past 2018. In this year, the LED industry is more mature and the market is stabilizing. Evergrande, the largest enterprise in the giant enterprise, uses the advantages of capital and technology to continuously extend the industrial chain to consolidate its leading position. On the other hand, the emergence of new technologies has also given small businesses the opportunity to expand. So, what other “trends” in the LED industry are worth paying attention to?

Scalable is an essential step in smart lighting

Recyclable economy is a key step in building a harmonious society of resource conservation and resource recycling. With the efficient use and recycling of resources as the core, under this big trend, modularization of intelligent lighting can be upgraded and interchangeable. It will be an indispensable step. Taking intelligent road lighting as an example, intelligent road lighting includes intelligent road controllers, sensors, power supplies and illuminating light sources. Their modularity can be that they can be reused. The connection between them and the standardization of the installation interface are very important to support the circular economy. The first step, modularization and interface standardization, enables road lighting smart Ready, especially the standardized mounting interface, to make it easy to install or upgrade IoT control technology in road luminaires now and in the future, allowing parts to be retrofitted in the field. And replacement without disassembling the luminaire, and support for widely used DALI, 0/1-10V dimming protocols.

Bright prospects for health lighting

Lighting science research is deepening, and the relationship between light and health is increasingly being discovered by humans. For example, lighting has expanded into the field of non-visual biological effects. Many studies have shown that the non-visual effect of light on the human eye through the retina The sensation of light by ganglion cells can affect melatonin release, sleep and biorhythm at night. These all indicate that the future of the health industry is bright. In today's lighting market, from the perspective of environmental protection and energy-saving products, the market has become saturated. From the health to the market, it is a blue ocean. Nobel Prize winner Nakamura Shuji gave a speech at Fudan University, suggesting that the first generation of LED products have blue light hazards. It is serious and even causes cancer, and most of the problems that are currently on the market have this problem, including government buildings, banks, and even hospitals, schools, and families. Therefore, with health as the guide, the market will reshuffle and force.

LED packaging companies have entered the small-pitch display market

In recent years, with the rapid expansion of the small-pitch display application market, more and more LED package manufacturers have begun to enter this market. According to the market research machine QYResearch released in June 2017, "2017 global small-pitch market development status and future trends" forecast, the small-span led market in 2022 will reach 3600 million US dollars. For LED packaging companies, the increase in market demand for small pitch is an opportunity, but as packaged devices become smaller and smaller, the difficulty of packaging becomes larger and larger, which puts higher demands on packaging manufacturers.

Segmentation brand pattern formation

The market segment of the LED display industry has already begun. Recently, there are some small and medium-sized screen enterprises that have outstanding performance in a certain segment. In addition, the layout of several leading screen companies in the industry to use sub-companies to develop sub-category products is becoming clearer. . They have accumulated a relatively solid brand foundation in their main segmentation areas, which all indicate a phenomenon: the industry's various sub-category brand patterns are forming, and the growth of strong brands is very strong.

Urban cultural lighting leads the trend

Cultural tourism night lighting is not only a composite upgrade of traditional landscape lighting, but also a business card for urban promotion, which is conducive to upgrading and shaping the image of the city. Urban lighting is no longer a simple functional lighting, but an artistic creation activity based on psychological experience. . Using lighting as an artistic expression means, through urban lighting solutions to show the most representative regional culture, to build or reshape a unique urban image and stimulate new economic vitality. As more and more cities begin to pay attention to the personalized design of urban lighting, urban cultural lighting will be reflected in more and more urban lighting solutions through the form of cultural night illumination. Therefore, the urban cultural lighting represented by cultural tourism night lighting has become the development trend of urban lighting because of its multiple advantages of combining cultural and artistic experience with functional lighting techniques.

Conclusion: What is the future development trend of the LED industry? Is the emerging blue ocean market “blue” or “red”? How to shape a large-scale enterprise? What about the future of the segmentation leader? The second half of the LED industry is full of variables. Whether to maintain its core competitiveness in such an environment in the future will directly determine the continued profitability and stock price performance of each listed company.

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