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Cree Introduces XP-G3 S Line, Optimizes LED Technology, Helps Internet lighting


Cree announces the introduction of the XLamp XP-G3 S Line LED, which is optimized for the Internet lighting based on the industry-leading XLamp XP-G3 LED.

Currently, sensors and IoT technologies are becoming more widely used in commercial indoor lighting, parking lot lighting, industrial lighting and road lighting applications. For this long-life, high-power general-purpose lighting application, Cree optimizes high-power LED technology and introduces the XP-G3 S Line.

For specific environments, connected lighting systems perform operations through sources such as sensors, including dimming or turning off unnecessary lighting to achieve energy savings goals. On average, an interconnected lighting system is 10 times more dimmed or turned off than a standard lighting system. More frequent dimming and switching cycles bring more stress to the LED system and will affect lamp life. The new XLamp XP-G3 S Line LEDs are able to withstand double the number of switching cycles compared to the same level of competing LEDs in the innovation of the device architecture, thus ensuring the life of the entire interconnected lighting system.

Based on the standard XP-G3, the new XP-G3 S Line LED further enhances reliability in switching cycles and dimming cycles, further enhances vulcanization resistance, and provides higher light output and higher Light effect. The XP-G3 S Line LED is more stable and reliable, providing excellent LED system reliability in all lighting applications, even in harsh environments.

Mario Sergio Martins, a partner at Genesis Devices & Equipment, said: "Our customers expect LED solutions that require greater efficiency and higher cost performance, and that require high reliability to withstand the harsh outdoor environment in Brazil. With the introduction of the new XP-G3 S Line LED, Cree will provide fast and easy upgrades for all of our products, including those that have or will be installed with IoT IoT, resulting in higher performance and more High reliability."

Dave Emerson, executive vice president and general manager of LED Business Unit of Cree, said: "Crui's lighting-grade LEDs have driven the lighting revolution, and LED lighting has now been widely adopted. Looking ahead, interconnected smart lighting applications are more stringent for LED devices. Requirements, the lighting market needs more optimized LED devices. Cree's new S Line LEDs use a unique chip and package architecture to provide higher reliability and higher performance, and to withstand harsh environmental conditions Repeated dimming cycles and switching cycles."

The XP-G3 S Line LED provides an easy and convenient upgrade for existing XP-based LED systems, helping lighting manufacturers quickly apply these LED innovations to their product designs. The LM-80 data for the XP-G3 S Line LED is available to help the fixture meet DLC certification requirements instantly. Sample applications are now available for the XLamp XP-G3 S Line LED and can be mass-produced to standard delivery times.

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