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Ronda releases Micro LED die below 20μm with luminous efficiency of over 30%


Before the launch of Touch Taiwan 2018, Ronda released the latest miniaturized Micro LED die with a grain size as small as 20 micrometers (μm). In addition, Ronda also announced R/G/B Micro LED die and color conversion. Two new technologies, Color Conversion Micro LED dies, are leading the industry in providing two different Micro LED die solutions for display applications.

This latest series of Micro LED die technology will debut in Touch Taiwan 2018 from August 29th to 31st.

Ronda believes that Micro LED is still the bottleneck in the huge transfer technology, but the Mini LED has already started from the application of the pyramid, and Ronda will start shipping for the Mini LED gaming monitor backlight in the second half of this year.

Ronda actively invests in the research and development of next-generation LED die miniaturization, and has already developed important results in the field of Micro and Mini LED. It announced its miniaturized Micro LED die technology yesterday, which can be as small as 20 microns or less. The luminous efficiency can reach more than 30%, demonstrating the company's miniaturization process capability in Micro LED.

In addition, Ronda also announced two technologies, R/G/B Micro LED die and color conversion type Color Conversion Micro LED die, which can be applied to different huge transfer processes and real-world technologies.

Ronda is one of the few manufacturing capabilities with both flip chip, horizontal and vertical Micro LED dies. Micro LED is applied to the display, with ultra-fine micro-pixel, high brightness, high power saving, long life, fast response time, light and thin, and so on. It is a revolutionary display technology for the next generation, suitable for wearable devices, mobile phones, VR virtual Reality and car display, etc.

Ronda said that the company has been committed to the research and development of the next generation of miniaturization technology for epitaxial and die in the front of LED. This time, we have published a series of miniaturized Micro LED dies, which are suitable for mass transfer and color conversion applications, and cooperate with many companies. Partners work closely together.

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