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Under the smart city boom. How do LED companies get in?


In recent years, Chinese smart city industry has developed rapidly, and the number of smart cities has continued to grow. The data shows that about 100% of the cities above the provincial level, more than 76% of the prefecture-level cities and 32% of the county-level cities, a total of about 500 cities have clearly proposed or are building new smart cities. Smart city has obviously become another billion-dollar market after the Internet. Faced with such a strong development trend, major LED screen companies are focusing on the development and investment of smart city solution products. So, how do LED companies seize the vanguard in the craze of smart cities?

In a huge number of smart city terminals, there are many products that can be combined with the LED field. For example, LED smart lighting systems and smart LED displays used in public services, public utilities, smart commercial buildings, transportation and other places. There is also a very large market potential that can be explored.

Smart street light

Street Lights - As one of the main public facilities in urban construction, it plays an important role in the construction of smart cities relative to other public facilities. With the smart LED display street light pole derived from smart city, it is based on street light, combined with WiFi Internet technology, power carrier Internet of Things technology, sensing technology, a practice for smart city construction, the main applications include wisdom. Street lamp integrated management center, intelligent lighting management system, video monitoring system, WiFi coverage system, smart sensing and distribution system, emergency alarm system, charging pile system, users can select different application subsystems for combination application according to actual needs.

Digital signage

With the advancement of smart cities and smart transportation construction in China, the digital signage market has become the first open field for LED smart city terminal applications. According to the latest data report released by, in the first half of 2016, the sales volume of indoor advertising machines was 386,000 units, an increase of 11.4% year-on-year, and it will maintain a high growth momentum in the next few years. Looking at the market's larger outdoor digital signage field, its market capacity is even more impressive. According to industry estimates, its demand is expected to exceed three to four times the indoor.

LED glass curtain wall screen

The area of large-scale architectural glass curtain wall is showing a rapid growth trend. LED display screens are springing up on glass curtain wall buildings and growing together to brighten urban buildings and promote the development of smart cities. Walls such as glass curtain walls organically unite architectural aesthetics, architectural functions, building energy efficiency and building structure to show the dynamic beauty and make the city more beautiful.

LED traffic display

LED display has become an important intelligence board for traffic guidance. People can make the best choices about transportation, transportation routes, transportation time, and transportation plans, and re-plan their own transportation plans. This not only saves the individual's time cost, but also makes rational use of various transportation resources.

In traffic management, the LED display also helps the traffic police to start to show their strengths. LED display "station" traffic intersection, automatic capture and "live" pedestrians with red lights, played a good warning role. The strange phenomenon that appeared in the past "Chinese style crossing the road" as long as a group of people gather regardless of the red light green light bravely forward, now there is a LED display to help "Chinese style crossing the road" has a certain elimination.

Conclusion: In the craze of smart city construction, although the LED display satisfies the functions of wisdom and IoT, it still needs the enterprise to jump out of the inherent industry thinking to upgrade the enterprise competition dimension, and jointly create the core competitiveness with the smart ecosystem enterprise. Let the ordinary LED display also embark on the road of wisdom! This also puts higher requirements on LED companies, and requires enterprises to be superior in strategic thinking, system construction capabilities, integration capabilities, and operation modes in order to win the right to speak.

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