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A hospital in Denmark installs colored lighting, and doctors diagnose more accurately


According to media reports, a Danish hospital installed color lighting, which senior medical staff believes can help clinicians make more accurate diagnoses.

The hospital, called the Silkeborg Regional Hospital, installs colored lights in areas of the screen with test data and images (such as X-rays, ultrasound, MRI, and CT scans) to eliminate shadows and highlight structural details.

Hospital staff found that traditional white light from ceiling LEDs or fluorescent fixtures reflected, glaring and confusing information on the screen. New lighting makes it easier to identify key information on the display. On-duty personnel can adjust the light color individually as needed to ensure maximum comfort.

Color lighting scenes can be achieved by controlling the central touch screen, allowing employees to easily switch to their personal preferences.

It is reported that the hospital has been using adjustable lighting for a long time and has been used in offices, intensive care units and five operating rooms to help optimize visual conditions and create more comfortable conditions for surgeons, doctors and nurses.

The local health bureau also plans to install such innovative lighting in other hospitals.

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