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In July 2018, Chinese export of LED tube lamps amounted to approximately $134 million.


In July 2018, China exported a total of 1.362 billion US dollars of LED lighting products, of which LED tube lamps exported about 134 million US dollars, a small increase of 0.54%, a decrease of 2.99%.

First, the export volume of tube lamps increased slightly year-on-year

In July 2018, China's total export of LED tube lamps was about US$134 million, a slight increase of 0.54% year-on-year and a decrease of 2.99% from the previous month, accounting for 9.88% of China's total LED product exports. From the perspective of growth trend, since the sharp decline in February 2018, the export volume of tube lamps has gradually increased, reaching the peak of export volume in May, with a small decline in June and July, and the total amount has remained at 130 million to 140 million US dollars. between. The year-on-year growth rate also dropped sharply from the high growth rate of 17 years. The average growth rate in the past two months was 2.22%.

Second, Brazil’s exports have increased substantially

In terms of market share, in July, China exported a total of 134 million US dollars of LED tube lamps, of which US$45 million was exported to the United States, 10 million US dollars were exported to Japan, and 4.4 million US dollars were exported to Brazil, accounting for 33% of the total export of China's tube lamps. 8%, 3% and 3%. The total exports of the US and Japan markets were only slightly different from those in June. The Brazilian market increased by 32.78% compared with June, and the market share increased by 1%.

3. Guangdong Province is the main export province

Judging from the situation of exporting tube lamps in various provinces and cities, Guangdong Province is still the most important production and exporting place for tube lamps. In July, the export volume of LED tube lamps in three provinces in China exceeded 10 million US dollars, namely Guangdong Province, Zhejiang Province and Fujian Province. The export value of the three provinces accounted for 87% of China's total exports. Among them, the export value of Guangdong Province was 73 million US dollars, which was 9.81% lower than that in June, and the proportion of exports fell by 4 percentage points. The growth rates of Zhejiang and Fujian provinces were 8.6% and 13.59% respectively, and the proportion of Zhejiang's exports increased by one percentage point. There was no significant change in other provinces and cities.

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