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The United States add 10% tariff on Chinese $200 billion product


On the morning of September 18, Beijing time, the US Trump administration’s measures to impose a 10% tariff on China’s $200 billion product were finalized. The measure will be implemented on September 24, and by January 1, 2019, The relevant product tax rate will be raised to 25%.

The US also warned that if China takes revenge measures, the US will impose tariffs on another US$267 billion in Chinese exports to the United States.

In addition to incandescent light sources (HS code: 853922 and 853929, etc.) and LED replacement light sources (HS code: 85395000) and other products, this tariff list covers most of the lighting industry related products. This list of determinations is only 8504.10.00 ballasts for discharge lamps or discharge tubes than the previous list of proposed taxes; 8251.10.20 electric lighting equipment for bicycles; 8102.10.40 visual signal devices for bicycles, etc. A few items.

As the number one market for China's lighting products exports, the United States exported a total of 10.8 billion US dollars of lighting products to the United States last year, accounting for a quarter of the total export value of lighting products (the entire export volume of 41.2 billion US dollars), lighting products in China Foreign trade plays a pivotal role. The list of tariffs involved in this tariff is about 8 billion US dollars.

Therefore, although the measures implemented this time and the previously announced direct addition of 25% tariff measures are relatively mild, the impact on China's overall export to the United States cannot be ignored.

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