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According to LEDinside research, the global LED display market scale was 5.841 billion US dollars in 2018. With the increase in market demand for segmented applications such as rental market, retail department store, conference room, cinema and HDR applications, it is estimated that the composite will be 2018~2022. With a growth rate of 12%, it will maintain a relatively fast growth rate, and the small-pitch display is the biggest driving force for market growth.

Since the launch of the first LED small-pitch display product from the market, it has passed the six-year and seven-year high-growth “green years”, and the to B market has gradually entered a mature development period, accompanied by technological upgrading and price decline, the market. Acceptance has also increased.

According to LEDinside research, the market size of small indoor spacing (≤P2.5) in 2018 is 1.197 billion US dollars, up to 39% annual growth, mainly from the continuous fermentation of ultra-small spacing trends in the future, and its CAGR of 2018~2022 is estimated. Will reach 28%. In addition, with the maturity of small-pitch display technology, outdoor display has a tendency to gradually develop to small pitch (P3.0~P4.0). In 2018, the outdoor small-pitch market is about 155 million US dollars, estimated to be 2018~2022. CAGR will reach 35%.

According to the dot spacing displayed by the small spacing of LEDs, the distance between the largest revenues of global LED small pitches in 2018 has reached P1.2~P1.6, accounting for 39%, with the small-diameter display leading manufacturers. Yade, Chau Ming, Lianjian, etc. have successively launched products with smaller spacing (P0.7~P0.9), coupled with the gradual improvement of consumers' demand for display effects, accompanied by further decline in cost, P1.2~ in the next few years. Products with P1.6 and smaller pitches below P1.1 will have the most growth momentum. The CAGR of 2018~2022 is estimated to be 32% and 62% respectively.

At present, the largest commercial market for LED small-pitch displays comes from cultural and entertainment venues such as enterprises and education, high-end retail, hotels and theaters. LED display currently has low penetration rate in these applications, and there is greater growth potential to replace the tradition in the future. LCD, DLP and projection display.

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