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China successfully prepared new quantum dot display materials and devices


Recently, researchers from Hefei University of Technology, in cooperation with the University of Science and Technology of China and the Guangdong Academy of Sciences, successfully applied graphite phase carbonitride to the next generation of quantum dot display (QLED) technology for the first time, and successfully fabricated a new quantum dot display device.

QLED has the advantages of high color purity, wide color gamut, easy display of large-screen flexible display, low device cost, etc. It is considered as the next-generation display technology after OLED, but it is not necessary to develop new materials and new devices.

The researchers used a thermal polymerization method to synthesize a carbon nitride powder with a two-dimensional sheet-like structure of graphene. Then, a quantum dot was prepared by ultrasonic stripping technique, and the quantum dot was used as a light-emitting layer, and the solution was prepared by solution spin coating. The blue illuminated quantum dot display prototype device. Experiments show that the quantum dot material has a luminous efficiency of up to 49.8%.

This achievement opens up new research directions for the next generation of quantum dot display technology. At present, researchers are optimizing to improve the brightness, luminous efficiency, color purity, color saturation and other indicators of this new material to meet the application needs of the new display industry. .

Relevant research results have been published in the internationally renowned academic journal "Today's Materials".

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