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LED Engin launches the world's first 50W seven-core LED illuminator


According to foreign media reports, LED Engin, Osram's business unit based in San Jose, Calif., announced the launch of the LZ7 Plus. LED Engin claims that the LZ7 Plus is the world's first 50W seven-core LED illuminator.


Osram pointed out that stage luminaires have evolved from providing ultra-bright illumination with narrow beams to more complex color schemes and high color rendering index white light.

LED Engin said the uniquely designed LZ7 Plus can meet this demand trend. The LZ7 Plus is equipped with seven high-power chips in six colors. By using color mixing technology, these individually controllable chips can provide intense saturated color or high quality white light.

The LZ7 Plus can be used in a variety of stage fixtures including static lights, moving head beam lights, cleaning lights and fixed contours. The new LED is available in a 50W package. The LED illuminator has high current red, green, blue and cyan chips, as well as two phosphor converted green yellow chips and one phosphor converted amber chip.

The LED adds high-performance cyan, green-yellow, and amber to traditional RGB colors, forming an LED light engine. When used in conjunction with a secondary optics system, a single LZ7 provides ultra-bright output, a narrow beam, and a richer range of color combinations to provide high color rendering index white light.

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