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ROHM develops a small high-output lens type LED "CSL0901/0902 series"


ROHM (headquartered in Kyoto, Japan), a world-renowned semiconductor manufacturer, has introduced a small high-output lens-type surface mount LED "CSL0901/0902 Series". The new lineup includes 18 models of the "CSL0901 Series" with normal brightness and the high-end "CSL0902 Series" with higher brightness.

In addition, this series also includes car-grade products, which are suitable for the indicator light source of the car odometer, and have stable reliability for use in harsh environments. When miniaturizing LEDs such as automobile odometers, there is usually a problem of light leakage to adjacent parts. This series of products raises the position of the light source from 0.18 mm to 0.49 mm of the ordinary product, effectively improving light leakage. problem. Compared with the conventional reflective LED, the size (volume) is reduced to only about 1/18. In addition, all models adopt a structure that does not cause light decay in a high-temperature environment such as a car interior, and a blue color product uses a newly developed molding resin. For example, in the high-temperature energization test of blue LEDs (85 degrees Celsius, IF = 20 mA, and power-on for 1000 hours), the luminous flux has been improved by about 80% compared with the previous products, which will greatly contribute to the reliability of the application. Moreover, not only the 1608 small size (1.6×0.8mm) but also the processing precision in the process of improving wafer bonding precision and molding precision, the center light intensity is 5 to 7 times that of the conventional products. .

This series of products has been gradually put into mass production in the form of a monthly production of 1 million units in August 2018 (sample price is 70 yen ~ /, excluding tax). The production base of the pre-process is ROHM headquarters (Kyoto, Japan), and the production base of the post-process is ROHM-Wako Electronics (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. 

In recent years, in order to avoid leakage of LED light to adjacent parts, a light-shielding wall is usually provided in the indicator light source of the automobile odometer, but there is a space for avoiding contact with the PCB board due to temperature change, and light leakage from this part of the space has been It is an urgent problem to be solved. In addition, all applications in the field of using LEDs, especially in the automotive and industrial equipment fields where the use of electronic components is severe, require products that have been countermeasureed against environmental stress and have high reliability.

In response to these demands, ROHM has taken measures to “vulcanize” one of the reasons for aging, developed a first silver-free industry with high-brightness LEDs, and actively promotes industry-leading product development for applications requiring high component reliability. . In the future, ROHM will continue to promote the development of small, high-brightness, high-reliability products for a variety of applications.

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