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LED enters the era of healthy lighting


LED health lighting has been proposed by the market in 2015 for three years. In the past two years, LED health lighting is still in its infancy.

With the continuous advancement and popularization of technology, the number of manufacturers involved in healthy lighting has increased in 2018. In addition to international manufacturers such as Seoul Semiconductor and Philips, Chinese manufacturers have gradually joined the LED health lighting camp, such as the recent launch of Eyelove Health Lighting. Series products, in addition to other domestic manufacturers such as Hongli, Ruifeng, etc. also launched health lighting related products.

LED health lighting industry has begun to take shape, with the further improvement of technology and further cost reduction, LED will quickly enter the era of healthy lighting.

Anti-blue light hazard, the current main technical direction

LED health lighting refers to the light emitted by LED lighting products that does not cause harm to the human body, especially for eyes that are in direct contact with light. However, most of the LED light source products currently on the market only pursue the effect of "lighting", and more focus is on improving light efficiency and reducing costs.

Some inferior products, short-wave blue light specific gravity, which will lead to visual fatigue, causing vision loss; more serious, short-wave blue light will directly penetrate the lens to the retina, leading to macular degeneration and cataract, the right growth and development The impact of children in the period is even more pronounced.

Therefore, LED health lighting technology, mainly from the spectrum, to minimize or remove the harmful spectrum. This is the direct understanding of LED health lighting on the market, mainly for anti-blue light, anti-strobe, or add some color temperature and adjustable brightness. But is this LED health lighting? Or is LED health lighting limited to this? Is there still more room for imagination?

Health lighting, not just for blue light hazards

In fact, as the scientific research of lighting continues to deepen, the relationship between light and health is increasingly discovered by humans.

For example, illumination has expanded into the field of non-visual biological effects. Many studies have shown that the non-visual effect of light on the human eye, the light perceived by the ganglion cells of the retina can affect the release of melatonin, sleep and biorhythm at night.

In other words, the influence of light on humans is not only the influence of the direct visual sensory system, but also on other non-visual sensory systems. Light has the advantage of changing the rhythm of life, inhibiting the secretion of melatonin, increasing core temperature, speeding up heart rate, and improving alertness.

Therefore, LED health lighting is not limited to reducing the harm of blue light, but also can improve and improve the conditions and quality of people's work, study and life through lighting, and promote psychological and physical health.

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