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Nichia introduces new color temperature adjustable COB LED series


Adjusting the color and color temperature is the core of the human-oriented lighting design, helping to maintain the natural biological rhythm. However, the process of designing a tonable luminaire with multiple LED packages on a single board is complex and requires some ingenuity. This design makes it very difficult to develop chromatic luminaires with narrow beams.

In this context, Nichia has introduced a palette of chip (COB) series of LED lamps. Nichia said that this uniquely designed COB package itself can control the color of the tunable LED series.

The new tunable COB series is based on the Nia-Chem COB-Z series, which features high throughput density (both models: NJCWL024Z-V1MT and NVCWJ024Z-V1MT).

Nichia said that this COB design will reduce the light-emitting area of the light source and increase the color mixing.

This new tunable COB series is ideal for a wide range of applications, including commercial applications such as retail spotlights, and residential applications such as downlights. For example, a retail store can install a single lighting fixture that can change the color temperature based on the display or related objects; the home user can adjust the color temperature to accommodate its natural biological rhythm.

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