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50,000 street lights in Montreal, Canada switched to LED+ intelligent lighting management system


This month, the Canadian city of Montreal changed 50,000 street lights to LEDs and deployed intelligent lighting management systems to create “innovative cities” and “smart cities”. Potential applications include snow and flood detection, pollution monitoring and waste management. Wait.

A key element of the project is the insistence on full interoperability between the various components of the system. Project engineer Isabelle Lessard said, “For us, this is the best way to ensure a unique and advanced platform, without relying on the technical limitations of a single supplier.”

The city has required intelligent lighting management systems to be operational in the first phase of the project, which means that the necessary network infrastructure for street lamp replacement and deployment must be implemented simultaneously.

About 6,000 high-pressure sodium lamps are replaced with LEDs each month. The city estimates that due to the extended life of LED lamps, energy consumption is reduced by 60% and equipment maintenance costs are saved by 55%.

In addition to environmental benefits, the new smart lighting system offers other benefits to the city and the public. The intelligent lighting management system measures energy consumption in real time, based on weather conditions, adjusting light intensity during traffic or outdoor activities, and quickly intervening in the event of street lamp damage or failure.

Thanks to enhanced color and contrast perception, new urban lighting can improve visibility for users of different roads, thereby increasing safety. The streetlights near the park and environmental charity have a warm color temperature of 1800K, which the city calls "the circadian rhythm that does not disrupt the fauna."

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