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Chinese LED car headlight market prospects


According to industry sources, China's auto sales fell 1.7% year-on-year to 25.42 million units from January to November 2018, but the penetration of entry-level LED car headlights in high-end cars is rising. According to sources, in China, the use of entry-level LED headlights has increased rapidly in new cars ranging from RMB 70,000-110,000 (US$10,220-16,060). Oversupply has led to a decline in the price of LED chips, which in turn has promoted the popularity of entry-level LED headlights. The price of the entry-level LED headlight module has been reduced to only 1,000 yuan higher than the HID Xenon headlight module. Price competition has prompted international manufacturers including Osram, Yanuofei and Seoul Semiconductor to gradually withdraw from China's entry-level LED headlight market, and its market share has gradually been taken over by mainland China suppliers such as Dehao Runda and Jingneng Optoelectronics. Yiguang Electronics, located in Taiwan, China, was also affected by fierce competition from mainland Chinese manufacturers. Everlight's factory in central Taiwan is dedicated to the production of LED automotive lighting, and its monthly packaging capacity will soon grow to 200 million LED chips. According to sources, it is expected that China's entry-level LED headlights will enter the mid-range model in 2019.

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